Optical Systems

Optical systems are integral to many of the products consumers utilize every day from the compact camera lens assemblies in mobile devices to the telescopes in satellites that provide timely communications, weather and surveillance updates.  Each optical system consists of multiple optical components that are designed to meet a specific level of performance when properly aligned as an assembly. Despite the differences in size and application, the metrology required for each assembly can be quite similar with ZYGO’s laser interferometers being the primary metrology instrument for characterizing the critical measurands at the wavelength of operation.

Lens Assemblies

Lens AssemblyLens assemblies are used in everything from lithographic objectives to cell phone cameras, but regardless of their end use all assemblies need to be tested to ensure they meet performance specifications. Transmitted wavefront error is used to confirm a lens assembly is built correctly and will function as expected.


Telescope Optical AssemblyTelescopes typically consist of a large primary and smaller secondary mirror with an aspheric surface. These are commonly parabolic or hyperbolic in shape and require extremely tight surface figure specifications. Large telescope mirrors present a challenge when measuring to such demanding requirements. Historically, it has been difficult to mount these mirrors with the stability required for interferometry. Environmental vibration can significantly affect measurement results and it is difficult to make high quality optics if you cannot measure them reliably. ZYGO's QPSI™ Technology eliminates problems due to common sources of vibration, providing reliable data.

System Alignment

Optical assemblies require precision alignment between lens elements. Interferometry can be used to verify the proper alignment has been achieved, but dynamic interferometry can provide real-time system alignment. Optical system testing and alignment benefits from the unique capabilities of the DynaFiz® interferometer and LivePhase™ acquisition to capture and display real-time wavefront data.

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