Who We Are

At Zygo we've worked with global organizations for more than 50 years to make the world a better place.

In fact, our three founders set the standards for the metrology and optics industry.

And every day we continue to build on their legacy with the same fundamental ambition. To achieve human advancement through the mastery of precision. To define the science of measurement in our industry.

Our customers come to us safe in knowledge that if we can't solve their problem, then nobody else can. And in return we listen to them and we ask the right questions with enthusiasm and humility.

We work with them to deliver innovative solutions that combine our world-class knowledge and experience with their specific needs. And we deliver with an unrivaled focus on making complex science simple and accessible. 

Why are we so persistent in developing new ideas and getting every detail right?

It's because we feel honored to share a front row seat to tomorrow with our customers. Playing our part in changing the world.

Zygo - Your bridge to a brighter future.


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