MIDDLEFIELD, CT - Zygo Corporation, a global leader in optical metrology, has introduced the COMPASS™ 3D non-contact metrology instrument as a comprehensive solution for measurement of small aspheres with a wide range of geometries.

Multi-element aspheric lens assemblies are now ubiquitous in consumer electronics devices such as mobile phones, tablets and personal computers. Fabricating and aligning those optical sub-assemblies presents significant challenges due to the difficulties in measuring smooth, highly-sloped, transparent surfaces and complex mechanical geometries. The COMPASS™ metrology system overcomes those obstacles by measuring shape, texture and the mechanical alignment features of both the lenses and the precision molds used to form them.

"Until now, in order to measure the surface parameters and precise mechanical alignment features on small optics, manufacturers had to rely on multiple instruments and contact metrology methods that can damage the surface," comments Eric Felkel, Optical Profiler Product Manager, Zygo Corporation. "COMPASS creates a high-density 3D map of the optical surface and can quantify precision locating datums of the optic and their relationship to each other – a key capability that enables higher production yields."

The unique feature set of COMPASS enables a truly comprehensive small asphere measurement solution. The resulting high-resolution 3D map of the optical surface confirms adherence to the target design and provides full-surface texture analysis. Those capabilities can characterize asymmetries in surface form and localized surface defects that other metrology methods cannot quantify. In addition, COMPASS can evaluate lens centration, thickness, and other relational parameters necessary to predict final assembly performance.

"We believe COMPASS offers the industry a powerful new solution for gaining valuable process insight in this rapidly growing market. This new tool enables a more efficient manufacturing and measurement cycle to improve yields and reduce time-to-market of ever changing complex designs," concludes Felkel.

The COMPASS system is the latest in a complete line of non-contact profiling products from ZYGO, and is available worldwide.

Zygo Corporation, a unit of AMETEK Ultra Precision Technologies Division, is a leading provider of optical metrology solutions, high-precision optics, and optical assemblies used in a wide range of scientific, industrial, and medical applications.

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