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Military & AerospaceServing the needs of the Military and Aerospace industry requires a high level of quality and commitment. With mission-critical programs and applications, failure is not an option. Success demands the highest standard of precision, reliability, and quality, enabled with close partnerships.

ZYGO has a long history in the design and manufacture of critical, ruggedized optical components and optical assemblies, including high precision reconnaissance windows, laser fusion amplifiers and targeting devices for the most demanding conditions.  Our proven processes and expertise deliver consistent quality and reliability while meeting stringent requirements for compact packaging, environmental robustness and high-energy power durability.

Our leadership in metrology instrumentation has established ZYGO as a preferred partner to leading aerospace and defense companies and suppliers.  Our market-leading technology and expertise in precise measurements of optical components and subassemblies continue to help to advance research, programs, and missions across key application areas. As the performance requirements of these optics tighten, manufacturers continue to put their trust in our metrology products to ensure the high confidence they require to support cutting-edge technologies.

 "The tight tolerances of the large window that Zygo produced for us are impressive – our 6” sub-aperture wavefront error spec was achieved across the entire 16” window. Thank you for the high-performance optic." - BAE Systems

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