Optics & Photonics

Optics & Photonics Industry

Our heritage serving the optics and photonics industries spans 50 years. From making some of the world’s most precise optical components to the most complex and demanding opto-mechanical and electro-optical assemblies, our Optics Group has successfully delivered solutions that enable the advancement of science, research, medicine, defense and space exploration and communication.

Precision manufacturing and engineering demand high-quality testing and process control during optical fabrication and final assembly. Our optical metrology systems and sensors are the trusted workhorses of the industry. Based on innovative and non-contact measurement technologies, our 3D optical profilers, Fizeau interferometer and nano-position sensors deliver advanced measurement of surfaces, objects, and material properties. Some examples include measurement of surface topography, roughness, form, transmitted wavefront, material homogeneity, dimensions, relative and absolute displacement, and so much more.

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