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Why Computer-Generated Holograms Matter in Asphere Metrology

Zygo is redefining the use of CGHs with unique integration and alignment methods.

Mar 29, 2021


Efficiently Measuring and Quantifying Defects on Surfaces. More Than Meets the Eye.

We share the best analysis technique for samples & how to find the right tools.

Mar 25, 2021


Computer Generated Holograms Simplify Form Metrology of Aspheric and Freeform Optics

Redefining the use of computer-generated holograms with unique alignment methods

Mar 24, 2021

2D and 3D surface parameters

Video Podcast 2D and 3D Surface Parameters

Discover the considerations when implementing surface texture specifications.

Feb 23, 2021

why zygo metrology

Video: Why ZYGO Metrology?

See why Zygo metrology is one of a kind.

Feb 18, 2021


Non-contact 2D and 3D Surface Measurement of Gear Surfaces. Precisely!

We explore new methods & current tech for non-contact gear surface measurements.

Feb 17, 2021

Interference Microscopy for Surface Structure Analysis

Advancements in Characterizing Film Thickness and Topography, Using Coherence Scanning Interferometry

We share the latest technologies using Mx™ software & 3D Optical Profilers.

Feb 5, 2021

Why zygo

Video: Why ZYGO?

See why Zygo is the industry leader in precision technologies.

Jan 28, 2021


Power on Target: A focus on silicon carbide optics for high energy laser applications

We cover the common roadblocks of silicon carbide optics in HEL applications.

Dec 3, 2020

what is right metrology

Podcast: What is the Right Metrology for My Parts?

Industry experts lend their knowledge to break down the world of metrology.

Nov 18, 2020

Research Paper

Elementary Fourier Optics model for interferometric measurements of surface topography

This article discusses how many ZYGO metrology instruments rely on interferometry combined with imaging systems to measure surface form, waviness, and roughness. Although these instruments have advanced software that performs data interpretation for you, it can be helpful to understand how the imaging process influences interferometric measurements at a fundamental level

Oct 1, 2020


Fourier Optics Modelling of Interferometric Measurements of Surface Topography

Understand how the imaging process influences interferometric measurements.

Sep 1, 2020