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When The Goal is Large Scale Optics

There is a given when it comes to telescope lenses for use on earth or in space. The bigger the better! But, what type of criteria do you need to assess to for the fabrication of a mirror that is fit for purpose?

Jan 9, 2023


How Non-contact Measurement is Supporting Growth in Consumer Electronics

For manufacturers of today’s ubiquitous consumer electronics devices, having the utmost confidence, precision, and speed of metrology is critical. See how Zygo systems are providing anywhere from advanced research through volume production.

Oct 20, 2022


The Promise of Hydrogen: Metrology of Fuel Cell Manufacturing

For fuel cells, surface properties impact their efficiency and must be kept within specified target parameters. Read about how Zygo manufacturing has made inspection more efficient through non-contact optical metrology

Jul 18, 2022


Common Mistakes in Measuring Medical Optics and How to Avoid Them

With medical device optics, planning is key meaning planning that creates a strategy from the earliest design concept all the way through to final acceptance and testing. Read the blog to learn more

Jun 22, 2022


When is Smooth Too Rough?

Understand surface roughness as it relates to a machined part, polished item, or manufactured part is crucial in determining how the part will perform, wear, appear, or function. Read the blog to find out more on evaluating components.

Mar 24, 2022

High powered UV laser

How Optical Coatings Impact High-Powered UV Lasers

When thinking of a high powered laser, the image that comes to mind is likely to have some connection to a sci-fi “death ray.” Some planet, some ship, some foe is being instantly reduced to a sub-atomic pile of junk. The truth is there are extremely powerful lasers available in a variety of wavelengths, but they are not used for destructive purposes. Read more about ultra-violet lasers

Mar 10, 2022

Jet turbines

How is Metrology Used in Aerospace?

Metrology is changing the way the aerospace industry manufactures—by increasing production and cost-efficiency. Read more about it.

Mar 3, 2022


Additive Manufacturing — New Frontiers for Production and Validation

Today, additive manufacturing (AM) is dramatically changing the way that manufacturers produce end-use parts and components. Not surprisingly, analysis of the accuracy and repeatable tolerance range of AM has become a critical issue. Read about Zygo's impact using coherence scanning interferometry (CSI) technology.

Jan 10, 2022


How does QPSI Technology Perform Against Vibration?

Vibrations can present considerable challenges during phase-shifting laser interferometer measurements. Read about how ZYGO has worked to eliminate the negative effects of vibration

Dec 16, 2021


How Metrology Can Improve Electric Vehicle Gears Processing

The growth of the electric vehicle (EV) market is inevitable. In gear manufacturing for EVs, it is critical to accurately, quickly and easily characterize precise surface features. Find out how precision metrology is playing a fundamental role. Read more.

Dec 3, 2021


Let's Put the Pieces Together

When it comes to asphere production, is there one part of the process that is more important than the others? Find out which variables have an impact and how you can ensure maximized performance that is cost effective. Read the blog.

Nov 11, 2021


Fission, Fusion, What’s the Confusion?

Science and manufacturing step up and look into using more sustainable resources, such as fusion power. Read about how researchers, such as Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), are using Zygo instruments to experiment with fusion power.

Oct 28, 2021