ZYGO metrology has been an industry standard for decades. With the release of Mx 8.0, it's more powerful and easier to use than ever. Read on to learn some of the ways that ZYGO's latest version of Mx™ metrology software delivers powerful new functionality to improve setup time and visualization.


Verifire™: Streamlined Part Setup
Meet the newest way to set up your measurements. Go from setup to data quickly and confidently, whether you are an everyday expert or an occasional user.

Verifire: Picture-in-Picture Part View
With always-visible Align and View modes, no more reaching for the remote when switching between parts. Picture-in-picture provides a substantial reduction in setup time because you never need to take your hands off your part. Focus on what matters!

NewView™: Improved Imaging and Visualization
With new proprietary algorithms and calibrations, ZYGO white light profilers produce the sharpest, highest contrast micrograph images, while still delivering the best-in-class surface metrology they are known for.

The images below are of an additively-manufactured surface reveal forking cracks and surface defects with startling clarity. (Images courtesy Center of Precision Metrology at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte.)

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Check out the release notes or our introductory webinar.

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