ZPS Absolute Position Measurement System delivers absolute position with subnanometer precision.

Near the end of each calendar year, Laser Focus World selects products that represent the best photonics technologies of the year. Their 2016 list included technology triumphs such as the LIGO gravitational wave laser/optical system.


With this perspective, ZYGO is honored to have their ZPS Absolute Position Measurement System included in Laser Focus World's "Top 20 Photonics Technology Picks for 2017", published on December 1, 2017.

Their writeup about the ZPS System reads...

One of the most precise ways we have to measure the change in position of an object is optical interferometry – a form of this is used in the LIGO observatory, which measures changes in the distance between two mirrors down to about 10-19 m. However, measuring the absolute position of an object via an interferometer is much harder. ZYGO (Middlefield, CT) has commercially introduced just such a device, an optical sensor system that delivers absolute position with subnanometer precision using several wavelengths at once. A rack-mounted unit is fiber-optically connected to the sensor itself, which is 3x27 mm in size. (See < href="https://www.laserfocusworld.com/test-measurement/test-measurement/article/16548217/absolute-position-measurement-multiwavelengthinterferometrybased-sensor-redefines-precision-position-metrology">"Absolute Position Measurement: Multiwavelength-interferometry-based sensor redefines precision position metrology," July 2017 issue.)

Ernesto Abruña, Product Manager for Precision Positioning Systems at ZYGO, remarked...

"We are honored that our ZPS system has been included in Laser Focus World's prestigious Top 20 Photonics Technologies list. The ZPS system represents the next evolution of sensors for short-range position metrology by delivering a measurement tool which is both compact and scalable, and which provides the highest precision absolute position measurement available in a commercial system. With these unique capabilities, the ZPS system is a great fit for many nano-positioning applications in which closed-loop control across multiple axes of motion is needed, especially in deformable optical components and complex optical systems."

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