On May 20, 2020, "World Metrology Day" will be celebrated, with the theme of "Measurements for Global Trade".

This day is chosen to promote the vital role that measurement takes in conducting and aiding with equitable global trade. Metrology helps manufacturers of all types to meet both customer expectations for quality as well as compliance with worldwide governmental regulations.

As a leader in 3D non-contact metrology for 50 years, ZYGO is proud to support our worldwide customers in manufacturing quality products to meet stringent requirements - from the most advanced mobile phones to differential gears in a pickup truck, and everything in between. Here are just some of our examples:

  • Our non-contact optical profilers assist in helping to reduce global vehicle emissions by precisely measuring automotive components, such as transmission gears and fuel injectors.
  • Fabricating smaller, faster, and more affordable semiconductor chips requires alignment of many circuit layers down to the single-digit nanometer level. The lithography tools which make these devices count on ZYGO's nano-position sensors to do the job reliably and repeatably
  • Ubiquitous mobile phones require extremely tight tolerances on their front-facing touchscreens. The tightly held specifications for glass parallelism are easily measured by ZYGO laser-based optical interferometers, a benchmark tool widely known in the industry.