Industry-Leading Resolution

High-performance optics applications require precise control over surface and transmitted wavefront characteristics. Optical surfaces have been specified for form error for many years, but as demands on optical system performance increase, manufacturers have become increasingly aware of the importance of controlling mid-spatial frequency and micro-waviness surface characteristics in order to reduce light scatter and improve optical efficiency.


Verifire™ HDX Laser Interferometer System

Manufacturers of high-precision optical components and systems require precise measuring instruments (laser interferometers) to verify the quality of their products. However, not all interferometers are alike, so care must be taken when selecting one for high-performance optical testing. Traditional interferometer systems – which are well-suited for measuring surface form – are often unable measure and quantify higher-frequency surface characteristics due to their limited resolution. For these situations, it is essential to use equipment with both a high-resolution camera and the highest available instrument transfer function (ITF), which defines an interferometer's ability to resolve higher-frequency spatial content and high-slope deviations of an optical surface.


Mid-spatial frequency content in optical surface measurement

ZYGO developed the Verifire HDX laser interferometer to have the highest ITF capability available in the industry. Its high spatial resolution and high-slope measuring capability make it well suited for measuring optics and optical systems used in high- and extreme-performance applications. With the Verifire HDX laser interferometer, mid-spatial frequency content of high-performance optics can now be reliably measured. The Verifire HDX system also offers ZYGO-developed solutions for improved performance in low-light applications, precision measurements in extreme environments, and reduced noise to achieve the highest-precision metrology available.

The Verifire HDX laser interferometer features:

  • Industry-leading spatial resolution and ITF performance
  • High-power, stabilized, HeNe laser source with a rated lifetime of over 60,000 hours, backed by the industry's first 3-year warranty
  • A 3.4k x 3.4k pixel camera (the highest pixel count currently available in the industry)
  • Fast frame rate at full resolution, which enables low-noise measurements
  • Patented QPSI™ and DynaPhase®** vibration-tolerant acquisition technologies for reliable precision metrology in environments with extreme vibration and air turbulence
  • UltraFlat™ reference optics certified at λ/40 or better
  • Coherent Artifact Reduction System** to reduce spatial noise due to artifacts and laser speckle

  • Manufacturers producing high-performance optical components and systems require reliable equipment designed with the highest quality and performance. ZYGO designs all their products for industry-leading reliability and ROI to ensure the greatest uptime, thus maximizing investment and minimizing maintenance costs.

    ** optional feature