ZYGO 3D optical profiler products help engineers and machinists at Woodward, Inc. improve their insight into surface finish, enabling them to continually raise the bar for product quality and reliability.  Here are some observations from key personnel at Woodward Inc. that appear in the video...

"Requirements are getting tougher, tolerances are getting tighter, the environments are getting much more challenging.  Whether it's temperature, vibration, pressures...  and when you combine all that, material technology and surface technology have become incredibly valuable, and really only way we could solve some of these problems."

"One of the important things with 3D metrology ... is the additional information that you get beyond a 2D standard contact profilometer. The extra data that you get is more important than we can put into words.  You know the old saying ... "a picture is worth a thousand words", and that's really true."

"One of our entry points with 3D metrology was speed and 100% inspection. The other thing is the repeatability of the measurements. You'll find that the optical measurements tend to be far more repeatable on a regular basis than contact [measurements], which is extremely important because that means you're really gauging the process more than the instrument."