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The Zygo research team is committed to publishing their latest research in the scientific and optical metrology communities.

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Fiber-coupled Laser Diode Mount for Interferometry

This article discusses the general purpose of the laser diode mount described here avoids at least some of these difficulties by using an angle-polished fiber cable and an inexpensive coupler based on a small tip/tilt stage. The mount is very stable, can be used with a variety of lasers, and is inexpensive to make.

Dec 1, 1993

Research Paper
Interference Microscopy for Surface Structure Analysis

Two-color light-emitting-diode source for high-precision phase-shifting interferometry

Authors describe a two-color light-emitting-diode source that provides intense, uniform, and highly stable illumination with a wavelength precision sufficient for multiwavelength phase-shifting interferometry applications.

Nov 15, 1993

Research Paper

What is Frequency Domain Analysis?

This memo is a tutorial description of FDA to facilitate understanding the fundamental ideas behind the technique.

Sep 23, 1993

Research Paper

Three-dimensional imaging by sub-Nyquist sampling of white-light interferograms

Authors demonstrate a simple way of increasing the data acquisition and processing speed in a scanning white-light interferometer for surface topography measurement.

Sep 1, 1993

Research Paper

Laser gage using chirped synthetic wavelength interferometry

An absolute-ranging interferometer will be described that is suitable for dimensional gaging and surface profiling in manufacturing applications.

May 1, 1993

Research Paper

Near-infrared phase-modulation interferometer for surface flatness measurement

This article discusses how high-quality metrology is a critical aspect of precision machining, grinding and polishing of flat glass and metal parts.

Jan 1, 1993

Research Paper

Radius measurement by interferometry

This article discusses the radius of curvature is a fundamental parameter of optical surfaces. Improving the measurement tolerance is critical for an increasing number of applications. Interferometry is potentially a very accurate technique, but careful implementation is critical to achieving full potential.

Sep 1, 1992

Research Paper

Interferometer accuracy and precision

The effect of phase modulation/processing errors on precision is briefly discussed. Some on- site errors (operator technique and environmental effects) are also examined.

Mar 1, 1991

Research Paper

A new laser measurement system for precision metrology

This paper describes a new laser head, electronics and interferometers that satisfy present needs and have the attributes to meet future requirements.

Nov 5, 1986

Research Paper

Laser Doppler velocimeter for velocity and length measurements of moving surfaces

This article discusses the industrial laser Doppler velocimeter that has been developed for accurately measuring the velocity and length of moving surfaces.

Jan 1, 1984

Research Paper

Differential Technique For Accurately Measuring The Radius Of Curvature Of Long Radius Concave Optical Surfaces

Described in this article is a technique for accurately measuring the radius of curvature of very long radius concave optical surfaces in a relatively short working length.

Dec 1, 1980

Research Paper

The Zygo interferometer system

This article discusses how The Zygo Interferometer System is designed to be suitable for a large spectrum of measurement applications.

Aug 1, 1979