Failure is not an option when specifying and procuring windows for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) applications.  Understanding the capabilities of manufacturers to achieve the technical specifications – in a cost effective and timely manner - is key to a successful program. More often than not, what is required is a complete solution and not “just” an optical component.  In this webinar, we share insights into the trade-offs between performance and manufacturability, as well as common traps to avoid that could set your program on a course for failure.

About the speakers:
Joe Salemi is an OEM Sales Manager with Zygo Corporation, with more than ten years of experience serving strategic and diverse growth markets, including defense, aerospace, semiconductor, and life sciences.

Katy Zadrovicz is the Custom Optics Quotations Manager for Zygo Corporation, with more than a dozen years of experience in custom optics and electro-optical systems design, manufacturing and project management.