Plane-parallel optics are used across a wide range of industries and applications including laser technology, semiconductor, medical technology, aerospace and defense applications, consumer electronics, and glass manufacturing. 

Multiple fringe patterns from parallel  surfaces make it extremely challenging – if not impossible – for standard interferometry methods to acquire reliable measurements. Unlike conventional phase-shifting interferometers, wavelength shifting interferometers can separate these reflections and measure multiple parallel surfaces simultaneously.  Fourier-transform phase-shifting interferometry (FTPSI), enables easy characterization of the front and back surface, optical thickness variation, and material homogeneity of thin plane parallel glass.  Simultaneously measuring multiple surfaces also has multiple environmental and setup advantages.  In this webinar, ZYGO Product Manager Erin McDonnell will go over the strategies to overcome the plane parallel optics challenge and optimize your measurements.

This webinar includes:
  • Why traditional phase shifting interferometers struggle with plane parallel optics
  • A basic understanding of how wavelength shifting and FT-PSI works
  • Benefits of simultaneously measuring multiple surfaces
  • Considerations for measurements and setups