A new class of hard ceramic materials, such as silicon carbide, continues to find their way into advanced optical design and manufacturing applications.  As a result, optical designers and manufacturers must have an expanding knowledge of a range of materials and their applications to better understand the tradeoffs  between performance and manufacturability for the different use cases.

In this webinar, we focus on key challenges in designing and fabricating large silicon carbide optics for high energy laser (HEL) applications and address common mistakes that can set your silicon carbide program on a course for failure.  Whether you’re a Defense Prime looking to de-risk your program or an SBIR needing to partner with someone with deep silicon carbide and optical expertise, this webinar will provide you with valuable information and insight.

Exactly what is possible, and what solutions (and traps) are out there?  Join us as we share our twenty years of experience in applying silicon carbide into optical designs and integrated optical systems.   

About the speakers:
Michael Albrecht is an Optics Product Line Director with Zygo Corporation, with over fifteen years of experience and expertise in the design , manufacture, and management of HEL programs.

Joe Salemi is an OEM Sales Manager with Zygo Corporation, with more than  ten years of experience serving strategic and diverse growth markets, including defense, aerospace, semiconductor, and life sciences.