Precision manufacturing has come a long way in the past several years, with ultra-machining and super-polishing processes routinely creating surfaces with sub-angstrom roughness and topography.

In this webinar, Stephen Munzi, Associate Applications Engineer at ZYGO, will highlight a case study that focuses on how measurement data can be used to drive process optimization of laser-grade optical surfaces, using advanced non-contact areal metrology tools.

He will explain...

• How ZYGO optical profilers are routinely used to measure super-smooth sub-Å roughness surfaces, for production control.

• How to optimize measurement data through adjustment of control parameters, measurement techniques and averaging, and assess the system noise floor.

• How a Tier 1 laser manufacturer employed precision metrology to control their process and surface quality.

Join us to discover how 3D optical profiler technology can be effectively deployed to measure and control the manufacture of today’s super-smooth surfaces.