Fizeau interferometry has come a long way in the last decade. Driven by the need to support production-floor applications and challenging test setups, interferometers have adapted to deal with all types of environments, while preserving their key attribute - precision.

Exactly what is possible, and what solutions are out there? This webinar will explore that question, focusing on novel approaches and current technologies available with ZYGO Fizeau Interferometers, and the migration of optical metrology tools from the laboratory to the production floor. Topics covered include:

State-of-the-art solutions to address environmental effects, like vibration, that can make interferometry difficult (or impossible) using traditional methods.

Explanation of the various approaches and options for negating vibration effects, including tips for ZYGO Mx™ software users on which settings work best under specific conditions and applications. 

Advances in ease-of-use and part setup, with a demonstration of LivePhase™ - a unique, time-saving optical system alignment method with real-time wavefront feedback to streamline the entire process. 

In this event, Applications Engineer Rich Pultar shares his experience in laser interferometry and optical testing to discuss these topics and more!