Global optics standards have become more widespread and have led to increased adoption as time goes on. International standards for optical components and systems apply to a broad range of modern optical drawings including defining specifications, creating optical drawings, and testing. While some US fabricators have recently begun using ISO 10110 to create optical drawings, there remains confusion between the differences of the coded notation versus the traditional notes in MIL and ANSI drawing standards.

In this webinar, ZYGO Optical Design Engineer Eric Herman provides an overview of the ISO 10110 coded notation and how a ISO 10110 compliant drawing should be interpreted.

During this webinar you’ll learn:

• A basic understanding of the coded notation in ISO 10110
• Methods for specifying optical components following ISO 10110
• Use of ISO 10110 drawing notation in Mx software

Additional resources for this topic:

E. Herman, R. N. Youngworth, and D. M. Aikens, "Modern Optics Drawings: Translating from American MIL drawings to ISO 10110," Proc. SPIE 10742, 107421D (2018).

About the presenter:
Eric Herman is the Optical Design Engineer for ZYGO Electro Optics. He has been designing complex optical systems for 10 years. He has presented this material at both SPIE Optics and Photonics and OSA Optical Fabrication and Testing conferences. Eric has an upcoming book on this material entitled Modern Optics Drawings: A Guide to ISO