Interferometer systems from Zygo were commercially introduced over 35 years ago, and Zygo continues to maintain leadership in surface form metrology using interferometry.

Interferometers by Zygo were chosen over 10,000 times through the years, and many of those interferometer systems continue to be relied on daily to provide accurate production metrology of optical components and assemblies that affect our daily lives. Interferometer applications span across a wide range of applications in numerous industries, including consumer electronics, ophthalmic, semiconductor and defense & aerospace. ZYGO is the one optical metrology company that is trusted across the globe to qualify the worlds most critical optics. Shouldn't you be using a ZYGO interferometer?
Verifire Interferometer
Verifire Interferometer
Reliable and cost effective shop floor fizeau interferometer with unmatched 3-year laser warranty.
  Verifire HD Interferometer
VerifireHD Interferometer
Higher resolution imaging exposes mid-spatial frequency features.
  Dynafiz Interferometer
Dynafiz® Interferometer
Highest level of performance. Reliable metrology even in extreme vibration and air turbulence.
  Verifire XL Interferometer
VerifireXL Interferometer
Measures flat surfaces up to 300 mm (12 in.) diameter without stitching. Simple part loading and alignment.

Interferometer Accessories - ZYGO qualifies all of our optical metrology accessories to ensure optimal interferometer performance. Our accessories include transmission and reference optics, opto-mechanical mounts and fixtures, radius of curvature hardware and vertical mounting options.

Special Interferometer Applications

Large Aperture Interferometer System Verifire™ MST Interferometer - The Verifire™ MST utilizes a wavelength shifting laser and patented data acquisition methods to enable simultaneous measurement of the front and back surface of transparent optics, thickness variation (including wedge) and simple 2-step homogeneity metrology without difficult part preparation or messy coatings.

Large Aperture Interferometer System Verifire™ Asphere Interferometer - The first metrology tool for fast, non-contact, high-accuracy 3D metrology of aspheric surfaces. Production-friendly features include automated alignment, acquisition, and analysis. Based on two of ZYGO's core competencies, the patented multi-zoned metrology method provides a high resolution aspheric surface measurement.

Large Aperture Interferometer System Large Aperture Interferometer Systems - Large Aperture Fizeau Interferometers are available for static and phase measuring applications with 12", 18", 24" and 32" apertures (300 mm to 800 mm). ZYGO's large aperture beam expanders are an optional extension to interferometers. Taking advantage of ZYGO's powerful lasers, the beam expanders are configured to provide both a standard 4" measurement beam and a large aperture metrology source.

Verifire™ 3.39 µm Interferometer System UV and IR Interferometer Systems - Interferometers using invisible light at both longer and shorter wavelengths. ZYGO is expert at interferometry at a range of wavelengths, from 266 nm to 10.6 µm infrared.

Upgrade Your ZYGO Interferometer - ZYGO interferometer systems are built to last. Through our decades of support, as technology has advanced, ZYGO continues to offer upgrades to existing systems to improve and expand their capabilities.

'Special' interferometers - For metrology needs outside the mainstream production offerings of ZYGO - and ZYGO's catalog of standard interferometers is larger than any - we have a special group of experts dedicated to producing precision systems for limited production. Unusual configurations, wavelengths and apertures are all part of our capabilities.

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