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Profilometer Measurement of Machining Marks
Profilometer Measurement of Machining Marks

Profilometers (optical profilers) from ZYGO are white light interferometer systems, offering fast, non-contact, high-precision 3D profilometry of surface features. Zygo profilometers include proprietary data analysis and control software. Choosing the right profilometer system depends on your application's requirements, including precision, speed, automation, configuration flexibility, and vertical range.

ZeGage Profilometer ZeGage Plus Profilometer NewView 8000 Profilometer Nexview Profilometer Nomad Portable Profilometer
Model: ZeGage
ZeGage Plus
NewView 8000
Configuration: Benchtop Workstation Portable
Core Technology: CSI* CSI & PSI* CSI*
STR: 3.5 nm 0.15 nm 0.12 nm 0.08 nm 0.12 nm
Vert. Scan Speed: ≤ 35 μm/s ≤ 73 μm/s ≤ 96 μm/s ≤ 15 μm/s
Max. Step Height: ≤ 20 mm ≤ 95 µm
System Zoom: Fixed Automated Fixed
Z Stage: Automated Motorized
X/Y Stage: Manual or Automated (optional) Automated N/A
Field of View: ≤ 9 mm ≤ 16 mm ≤ 12 mm
Software: Mx
Notes:  STR (Surface Topography Repeatability) is a quantification of instrument capability, per ISO 25178-604.  STR can be improved by filtering and/or measurement averaging.
* CSI = Coherence Scanning Interferometry
   PSI = Phase Shifting Interferometry

Specialty Models

Micro lenses and molds, spherical and aspherical
Compass™ – For applications that require complete characterization of micro lenses and their alignment features, ZYGO's Compass™ system provides full surface, non-contact, 3D mapping of surface form and deviation, topography, and relational/dimensional metrology of spherical or aspherical lenses and molds with sub-nanometer height precision, and millions of data points.

Packaging Metrology System for Panel-Based PCB's
APM650™ – The APM650™ packaging metrology system provides automated measurement of panel-based PCBs and other advanced packaging applications. It provides both 2D & 3D measurements with sub-nanometer vertical precision and sub-micron lateral precision. The APM650 system features a large X/Y stage which accommodates panels up to 650 x 650 mm.
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