Laser Interferometers

ZYGO laser interferometers support and enable the most demanding metrology applications in industries from semiconductor and lithography to space-borne imaging systems, cutting-edge consumer electronics, defense-related IR and thermal imaging systems and ophthalmics.

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting an interferometer – primarily what it will be used to measure and the environment in which it will operate.  ZYGO offers a range interferometers, from cost-effective production level to instruments optimized for difficult environments, and the highest resolution commercial interferometer purpose built for mid-spatial frequency characterization.  See the latest instruments, technology, and capabilities below, as well as the applications and industries we serve.

Verifire Laser Interferometer Measuring a Spherical Optic


The workhorse that the optics industry has relied upon for decades – cost effective optics shop-floor interferometer packed with technology and features, including an unmatched 3-year laser warranty.

Dynafiz dyna phase 400


Measure in the most extreme environments, the Dynafiz is the most capable dynamic interferometer in the industry, purpose built and backed by patented technology.

Verifire HD Laser Interferometer

Verifire™ HD/HDX

Designed for mid-spatial frequency characterization; the highest resolution and ITF performance interferometer available.

verifire multiple surface test

Verifire™ MST

The Verifire™ MST (Multiple Surface Test) interferometer enables simultaneous measurement of multiple parallel surfaces.  Extract individual surfaces from a complex fringe pattern and seamlessly qualify surface form, inhomogeneity, thickness variation (TTV) and more.

339 ir verifire Interferometer face

IR Interferometers

Testing at design wavelength is critical for alignment and final qualification. ZYGO offers a range of interferometers for testing optical systems and materials at their operating wavelength, from NIR to SWIR, MWIR and LWIR – including optical references and accessories.

Verifire™ XL Interferometer System

Verifire™ XL

Large aperture, small footprint – the Verifire™ XL is a dedicated, downward-looking 12” aperture workstation for plano testing of large format optics including precision windows, mirrors, blocked optics, and wafers.

Verifire Asphere+ 700*394

Verifire Asphere+

The Verifire Asphere+ (VFA+) leverages the benefits of Fizeau interferometry to provide a unique combination of precise, high resolution, fast, and full aperture metrology for axisymmetric aspheres. 

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