Adaptive Optics Control

Gain finer control of your adaptive optics by knowing how they are actually deforming!

Deformable Mirror with ZPS Absolute Position SensorsMirror shape can be changed unintentionally with thermal loads, actuator drift, or mechanical creep. Certain adaptive optics applications cannot monitor the performance of the optic without interrupting operation or impacting optic system performance. Other possible solutions are either not practical or do not measure fast enough to be effective. Enter ZYGO ZPS™ absolute position measurement system.

The ZPS™ sytem offers a massively parallel arrangement of up to 64 small-footprint sensors to directly measure the front or rear surface of a mirror or other optic, allowing you to reconstruct the surface deformation for best aberration correction. This enables real-time in-situ monitoring of the optic which together with closed loop control can maintain the shape or deform it deterministically.

The ZPS sytem's highly-repeatable absolute position measurement means that you are able to store known good deformation states and dynamically drive to these states, enabling rapid adjustment of the optical configuration and avoiding the slow iterative processes typically involved. 

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