OEM Services

OEM Services, PartnershipZYGO's position measurement sensors have been used in OEM applications for over 30 years. We understand that you need to have a trusted partner to provide innovative position metrology solutions with reliable operation and consistent, on-time delivery.

As an OEM supplier, we can offer our customers custom-engineered solution tailored to your application. We also can offer flexible business arrangements as well as compliance to audit requests and RCCA.

We partner closely with our customers to ensure the best outcomes in development of custom solutions. ZYGO can provide the following services as part of a development project.

  • Metrology system level design
  • Performance analysis
  • Interface development
  • Acceptance testing

As an OEM supplier, we understand the need for reliable, consistent delivery times, which line up with your own production needs. We are used to aligning our production schedule with your forecasting. We can also set up Kanban agreements to accommodate rapid delivery times or unexpected ramp ups in your business.

ZYGO provides intimate account management and responsive applications support for issues that may arise during integration or deployment. The company also understands the need for quality assurance through audits, which can be supported. ZYGO is ISO 9001 certified and can accommodate Intel's "Copy Exactly!" policy. 

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