Stage Servo Control

ZMI Stage Position Measurement SystemWith over 30 years of experience, ZYGO's nano-position sensing products have become one of the most trusted, delivering continuous operation with exceptional performance. ZYGO is a market leader in Displacement Measuring Interferometers providing feedback for closed-loop servo control on an OEM basis. Semiconductor and flat panel manufacturing and process control tools in production today rely on ZYGO sensors to provide the precision and reliability needed for high volume manufacturing environments.

Our ZMI™ displacement measuring interferometers are used to measure relative motion of reticle/mask and wafer stages in these systems to the nanometer level. Our modularized components can be configured to provide all degrees of freedom necessary for your specific application to enable successful nanometer-level motion control. ZMI™ systems can be configured to measure up to 64 axes of displacement fully synchronized to the nanosecond level, allowing for a fully synchronous measurement across all axes.

As your partner in motion control, you can expect ZYGO to be there to support your continuous system improvements and provide a path forward towards your next-generation requirements.

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