Precision Optical Assemblies & Systems

Our team has decades of experience developing optical products across a wide variety of challenging applications from medical imaging to space communications. Using our proven development process, we have taken dozens of optical products though the full product cycle of concept, specification, design, development, qualification and production.

Our open, responsive, and collaborative working style and deep competence in optical technology is trusted by startup and leading companies to solve their most mission-critical applications in semiconductor, aerospace, and medical markets. With a practical and nimble approach, we produce designs at the right level for your requirements, not over-designed so it's too expensive, and not under-designed so it fails in the field.

Key areas of Expertise 

  • ISR and Space Telescopes 
  • Medical and Fluorescence Imaging 
  • Laser Beam Delivery 
  • Inspection and Measurement  
  • Lithography 

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