Testing Services

Z-Lab Testing offers premier metrology and calibrations services with ZYGO's precision Laser Interferometers and 3D Optical Profilers! ZYGO's test equipment includes Nexview™ optical profilers and Verifire™ laser interferometers using the latest Mx™ software with the ability to measure up to 24” for larger optics. Z-Lab Testing is ISO-17025 compliant and is fully A2LA accredited for Step Height calibrations.

A2LA AccreditedWhen you need precise and certified metrology that ZYGO’s surface and optical measuring instruments provide, but you don't have the budget or immediate need to justify a purchase, our Testing Services is an excellent, cost-effective solution!

  • Contract Testing
  • Step Heights Standards
  • Microroughness of precision surfaces
  • Surface form on optics up to 24”
  • Optical components and systems: Flats, Spheres, Parabolas, Prisms
  • Films
  • Surface Angles
  • Reflective and antireflective coatings
  • Optical Thickness
  • Specular surfaces
  • Absolute calibration of spheres and flats, as well as large aperture plano surfaces.

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