SmartSetup™ Technology

Automated Measurement Configuration

ZYGO’s 3D optical profilers have an incredible variety of metrology possibilities and potential applications.  In order to save the time and effort required to get started with a new application, ZYGO introduced the exclusive SmartSetup™ technology on all of the latest generation 3D optical profilers.

SmartSetup takes all the guesswork out of the four most critical setup tasks for an optical profiler:

  • Finding the part
  • Setting the appropriate light level
  • Setting the appropriate scan range
  • Collecting the first measurement

These tasks could take an operator several minutes to perform manually, and usually require training and practice in order to do them confidently and efficiently.  Also, when applications and parts change often, the time needed to do these steps manually can result in substantial lost time and productivity.  We’ve developed SmartSetup to be extremely robust – so that even for very rough or very smooth samples, and samples with extreme surface tilts, SmartSetup quickly and efficiently gets the job done.  The whole process requires only a single button press, and typically provides a first data map in less than 1 minute!

The best way to learn about SmartSetup is to see it performed – either live on an instrument or in a video.  Reach out to us to set up a demonstration of this exceptional technology applied to your sample and application.

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