SureScan™ Technology

Vibration Robust CSI Technology

Manufacturing environments can present challenges in using precision metrology instruments right on the shop floor.  Vibration, for example, can negatively affect the quality and precision of surface measurements in real-world conditions, often requiring special modifications, equipment relocations, or other compromises to address and solve the issues.

To enable high precision, reliable and quality metrology in all environments, ZYGO has developed a proprietary technology, called SureScan™.  With SureScan, hardware and software work in tandem to detect vibration during every measurement and eliminate it before it has a chance to corrupt the data. This is all done with no special calibrations by the user, and with no impact on measurement time.

With SureScan technology, you maintain the benefit of nanometer or sub-nanometer sensitivity of ZYGO’s CSI based profilers while placing it anywhere in your facility, allowing you to locate our instruments closer to where it is needed for rapid decision making. And for some systems such as the ZeGage Pro and Pro HR, it means that a dedicated vibration isolation system may not even be required – maximizing flexibility and ROI.

To see for yourself how SureScan technology can improve your applications, reach out to us to schedule a demonstration on your sample.

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